Sunday, March 13, 2011

Music from the Blue Pig

Here's a selection of the tunes I played at the last Duende night at the Blue Pig - all squished together in one lump - I hesitate to call it a mix as there wasn't really any mixing involved, just me trying to press the play button at the right time. It's a laid back selection of songs to ease people into the night. There are some old favourites in there as well as some new tunes ...

I'll put a track list up later for anyone who's interested.

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  1. Track list

    Going In A FIeld (Ivor Cutler) - David Kitt
    Let's Move to the Country - Smog
    Missionary Ridge - William Tyler
    Gitanos Andaluces - Paco De LucĂ­a
    Everybody's Gotta Live - Love
    J'ai Tout Lu Tout Vu Tout Bu - Jacques Dutronc
    Kites Are Fun - The Free Design
    What Would I Want? Sky - Animal Collective
    Embryonic Journey - Jefferson Airplane
    Glistening Glyndebourne - John Martyn
    Northern Sky - Nick Drake
    Is She Waiting? - McDonald & Giles
    No Face No Name And No Number - Traffic
    The King Of Carrot Flowers Parts Two and Three - The Broken Family Band
    Noah's Days - Stealing Sheep
    Rainmaker - Sparklehorse
    Palaces of Montezuma - Grinderman
    Brouhaha - Vanessa And The O's
    I Scare Myself - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks
    Kathleen - Tindersticks
    Going Up - Coil
    How To Be A Werewolf - Mogwai


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