Friday, March 19, 2010

Watch Out For That Bat!

A shortish "mix tape" for you (it'd very nearly fill both sides of a C60).
Thanks to Cosmic Jane for help and inspiration with this one.

I'll bung up a track list later if anyone asks for one.

Watch out for that bat!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pantha du Prince ...

... has a lovely new single out featuring Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear out of off of Animal Collective) ...

And there's a Four Tet remix available for free download

The single is available as a 12" from Rough Trade and has remixes by Efdemin and Lawrence as well as Four Tet - I've ordered my copy even though I still don't have anything to play vinyl on ....


Caribou were one of those bands I stumbled across at a festival (Primavera) and was completely blown away. I just couldn't stop grinning. I saw them again at Greenman and they were just as as impressive. I've played their Andorra album to death.
So now I'm ridiculously excited I've got tickets to see them at the Deaf Institute in Manchester on April 19th - the day before their new album, Swim, is released in the UK.
I've just download Odessa, the first single off the album from here and have played it 3 times back to back - let's hope the rest of the album is as good.